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Cable ferry Lina goes Electric!

METS Technology has been appointed by “Trafikverket” (the Swedish Transport Administration) to rebuild the Cable Ferry “Lina” to electric propulsion during spring 2021. This upgrade will be a part of the Swedish Transport Administration “Vision 45” which aims for a climate neutral operation of all the authority’s road ferries by 2045.

Eco-friendly operation
METS’s commitment includes design, construction, installation, and equipment. Existing components will be dismantled and new power electronics, winch equipment, control systems and batteries will be installed onboard. After the renovation the propulsion will be mainly electrical but an efficient and environmentally friendly diesel generator will also be installed as a back-up to the batteries, enabling the ship to run as a hybrid ferry if needed. The two independent systems for propulsion will also improve safety.

Free from emissions
Cable ferries are controlled and propelled by cables and are generally very energy efficient. After the renovation, Lina will operate virtually free of emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particles. In addition, the crossing will be quiet, vibration-free and reliable.

Alternative for longer crossings
Trafikverket Färjerederiet currently has 21 cable ferries in its fleet. Several of these have previously been electrified by permanent electricity supply via a cable reel connected to shore – a simple and efficient solution best suited for shorter crossings.
The new solution with batteries and “plug-in” charging provides a new alternative that will work even for longer crossings. Lina currently operates at “Arnöleden” in lake Mälaren, Sweden, which is about 800 meters long.