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Cleaner, greener and more efficient! Ocean Surveyor’s new propulsion system under test.

Over the past few weeks, our engineers have been working intensively to finalize the automation environment for the research vessel Ocean Surveyor and finally it was time for acceptance test (FAT) together with ship owner, shipyard and classification society.

The system is built around our open automation platform MIAS integrated with frequency converters and DC switch-gear that together forms the ship’s new integrated propulsion system. Converter technology and propulsion motor are based on Danfoss Editron equipment while the automation system and DC switch-gears are METS own technology. Safety, redundancy, user-friendliness, open software and, of course, a more efficient and environmentally friendly system have been key words during the development.

We will now supply the equipment to the shipyard where it will be installed on board and connected to electric propulsion motors, thrusters, sensors, pumps, valves etc. In total the system consists of around 2 500 I/O’s (Inputs / Outputs for measuring, monitoring and control).

It has been a rewarding and successful test for us at METS and we thank the participants from DNV-GL, Geological Survey of Sweden, Saltech Consultants and Damen Oskarshamnsvarvet for positive contribution and engagement and look forward to when the ship is afloat again and the system will be in operation.