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METS participates in “Skärgårdsredarnas” supplier fair 2021

The Supplier Fair 2021, organized by Skärgårdsredarnas (translated Archipelago Shipowners for our colleagues and clients from abroad), will take place in Gothenburg on the 7th of October, and METS Technology will be there together with our “sibbling” FKAB Ships Design.

If your company is striving on how to impact your climate footprint, come to talk to us for state-of-the-art solutions on clean technology, particularly electrical and hybrid propulsion systems, energy storage systems, and energy management. We deliver footprint effect solutions for the turnkey retrofitting and newbuilds of coastal vessels, city ferries, small passenger boats, workboats, and tourist boats. And, of course, we can also deliver any other solution related to the electrification of vessels.

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