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METS receives ISO 9001 & 14001 certification by DNV

We at METS Technology are delighted: DNV issued on February 18th the ISOs certificates 14001, Environmental Management System, and 9001, Quality Management System!

DNV, as it is well known in the maritime community, is one of the top classification societies. The entire process took approximately one year. DNV first analyzed the documentation from a distance, and at some point, her representative had a three-day on-site visit. During that visit, he interviewed us thoroughly with a battery of questions regarding risks and opportunities, the routines for the staff competence development, and, of course, our main processes for project execution.

Our CEO, Johan Marcusson, explains the relevance of the two certifications in the following terms: “We believed strongly in a management system and decided to invest in a certified system. For us, it was imperative that the system had a full engagement from the management and became a tool for helping all in their daily work.” And about the user interface, he adds: “We have developed our own user interface by using Microsoft Power Apps to handle all forms, checklist, MoMs, etc., to be sure to fulfill all necessary questions, reflections and information to mitigate risk and fulfill customer expectations.”