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METS supplies IAS to Hopper Dregder

Our high-quality shipbuilding cooperation with Telesilta Oy and Työvene continues with METS Technology’s Integrated Automation platform MIAS being installed on a newbuild Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger to be delivered in the Autumn of 2023! This type of dredger has a self-loading/unloading capacity and has engines and pumps able to suck sand, silt, clay, grave, and silt.

The dredger is being built at Työvene OY shipyard in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Our customer is Telesilta Oy, an electrical contracting company, also Finnish, belonging to the Harju Elekter Group, an Estonian/Finnish group with a presence also in Sweden and Lithuania. The dredger was ordered by the Maritime Office in Gdynia, a company that for over a hundred years has taken care of the access to Polish ports. As you can see from the countries mentioned, the shipping industry in the Baltic Sea is highly integrated among all the neighbors!

The MIAS platform offers advanced monitoring, control and alarm handling with an intuitive and modern design. The system is specifically designed for maritime applications and is the core of METS’s ambition to seamlessly integrate all different shipboard systems with a focus on energy management and electro-mobility.

One of the system’s unique features is its high degree of scalability, making it suitable and competitive for any ship, from small patrol boats to advanced research vessels. Another cornerstone is that the MIAS is built on standard industrial off-the-shelf (OTS) components with marine-type approvals and that the project-specific source code is available for the shipowner/end user (open source).

Photo credit: Työvene, C-Job Naval Architects and Holland Marine Technologies, designers of the dredger.