Meet the METS team!

One team, dedicated to achievement and improvement!​

The METS Team

An engineering team with extensive background from the maritime industry within the engineering and project management field.

An extract on previous team achievements:​

  • Turn-key newbuilding projects including all electrical design, equipment and commissioning (EPC) on Chinese shipyards building for European owners.​
  • Upgrades of Scandinavian Ropax ferries with High Voltage Shore connections systems to comply with new requirements for safety and environment.
  • Retrofitting Ropax ferries and Merchant ships with large Energy Storage solutions to reduce emission from Aux engines and reduce operational costs.
  • Turnkey newbuilding projects for Swedish Coast guard and Navy.
  • Complete Electrical hybrid packages to Shuttle ferries including, switchboards, automation, batteries, drives and all required engineering services.
  • Supervision assignments for ship owners and shipyards in Asia and Europe