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e-Flow Power Take-off for passenger ferry

Double ended road ferry Bitten Clausen from the Sønderborg Kommune, Denmark, was sent to drydock as part of its annual revision by the Danish Maritime Authority. The owner took the opportunity to order some major retrofittings—renovation of the main engine and installation of a new shaft generator. METS Technology is proud to have provided the latest solutions based on Danfoss Editron equipment. Assens Shipyard / Assens Skibsværft A/S was the shipyard in charge of the whole installation.

The new shaft generator will lead to significant fuel savings and a drop in CO2 emissions. The following arithmetical exercise made by Editron with 2019 figures (pre-pandemic) is quite illustrative by its simplicity and clarity. Færgen Bitten will serve the route between the towns of Hardeshøj and Ballebro again!

“30 return trips per day, 365 days of the year.
Average 380 l diesel/day for propulsion and 70 l diesel/day to hotel load.
About 450 l diesel/day
About 164.250 l diesel/year
Approximately 15% saving with the new shaft generator:
164,250 x 0.15 = 24,638 l diesel saving/year
24,638 l x 4.5 = 110,871 DKK savings/year
CO2 reduction/year: 2.6 kg CO2/l diesel = 2.6 x 24.638 = 64 Tons CO2/year.”

Image source: Nordalsfærgen Bitten.