Electromobility and Energy Storage Solutions

Saving environment, operational costs and staying compliant with future requirements Electromobility for merchant and passenger shipsThe shift towards fossil free short range shipping is happening fast and are giving great benefits to the operators but also challenges. METS undertake the total responsibility for development and installation on a complete...

Ship at the dock

Turnkey / EPC / EPIC projects

 All steps from design to commissioning A successful project, retrofit, large conversion or a new building, is dependent on compliance with new requirements for safety, environment, THD and Safe return to port. METS undertakes the complete responsibility for the design and installation of all electrical, automation and navigation systems...

Upgrades & Retrofits

Retrofit and upgrades of electrical distribution plants and automation systems A shipboard power distribution system may suffer damages or simply needs extension of capacity, replacement of power management system or an overhaul. METS investigates, trouble shoots and make the design, engineering and production of new switchboard sections, distributions boards...

Design Blueprint

Design & Engineering

From basic design to detailed engineering METS offers design and engineering services from basic design to detailed engineering. These services can be delivered as a part of a larger Turn-Key delivery from METS or as a separate assignment where we either act as a part of your projects team...


Technical services to support your project team  During a new building or large conversion projects METS can support your project team with supervision services for the electrical installations onboard. We can assist you throughout the duration of the project starting from the initial stage at the owner office until...


High-Voltage shore connection for passenger ships

Burning fossil fuel in port to generate electric power is getting increasingly controversial as the ship are often docked in city centers. An High Voltage Shore connection system is the solution and can be retrofitted and interfaced with the shore based power supply. The installation is done by METS...

Research and Development Assignments

Research and development, with application know-how Software development for a specific project or as a part of a product development requires know-how about applications, processes and specific demands in an industry and shipboard systems are no exception. All of our software engineers have previous experience from the maritime field...

Programming developing at Mets

Mets News stories

Cable ferry Lina goes Electric!

METS Technology has been appointed by “Trafikverket” (the Swedish Transport Administration) to rebuild the Cable Ferry “Lina” to electric propulsion

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We are looking for new coworkers (job-ad below in Swedish) Vi är ett glatt och engagerat gäng som behöver växa