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Electromobility and Energy Storage Solutions

Saving environment, operational costs and staying compliant with future requirements

Electromobility for merchant and passenger ships
The shift towards fossil free short range shipping is happening fast and are giving great benefits to the operators but also challenges. METS undertake the total responsibility for development and installation on a complete hybrid drive line for a passenger ferry, supply ship, work boat or other ship types. This technology is applicate both for new buildings and retrofit but require different skill sets and project execution models.

Energy Storage solutions for improved energy efficiency and safety
Starting with a feasibility study considering project costs, possible savings, pitfalls but also upsides, METS will carry out an upgrade of the electrical system onboard with installation of large Energy Storage systems, modification of switchboards and automation and all peripheral systems required such as safety, cooling and surveillance.

Electrical and hybrid propulsion lines
Containerized energy storage systems
Peak-shaving and black out prevention
Feasibility studies and RoI calculations
PTI/PTO Solutions with DC-link
Energy management control