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Electrical and hybrid propulsion

Electrification of Ships and Ferries –

METS provides comprehensive solutions for electrifying both new constructions and existing passenger ships, workboats, and merchant vessels. Our state-of-the-art battery-powered electrical and hybrid propulsion systems deliver emission-free operation, ensuring compliance with current and upcoming regulations. Additionally, these systems significantly reduce maintenance and energy costs. By choosing METS, you are investing in a competitive, sustainable future for your fleet.

METS Solutions for Electric Propulsion
Hybrid and Electrical Propulsion Lines
Charging Infrastructure
Energy Storage Systems
Regulatory Compliance

What’s Included?
Electric Motors
Power Electronics
Energy Storage (batteries)
Power Distribution
Control Systems and Monitoring (EMS)
Complete Documentation
Commissioning, Performance Tests, and Handover
Regulatory Compliance

Benefits with electrification
Contribute to a more sustainable operation
Meet national and global environmental requirements
Improved competitiveness with new technology
Future-proofing your fleet
Reduce operational costs
Increased reliability