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Marine projects

Marine project fulfilment for new buildings and conversions – 

At METS, we provide complete support for your new building or conversion projects, specializing in electrical power distribution, automation, navigation, and communication systems onboard vessels. From drawing reviews and supervision to Turn-Key assignments, we partner with shipyards and shipowners to ensure the success of your maritime projects.

Our Services – 

Project Management: We manage your projects efficiently, following ISO 9001 certified procedures to ensure high standards of quality and performance.

Design and Engineering: Our team delivers precise and innovative design and engineering solutions tailored to your specifications, focusing on electrical power, automation, navigation, and communication systems.

Software Development: METS develops customized software to enhance the functionality and performance of your vessel’s systems.

Procurement and Equipment Supply: We handle vendor selection, procurement and supply of equipment, ensuring you receive high-quality materials at competitive prices.

Testing and Commissioning: Our rigorous FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), HAT (Harbor Acceptance Test), and SAT (Sea Acceptance Test) protocols ensure all systems, including electrical, automation, navigation, and communication, are thoroughly tested and operational.

Supervision: Our experienced supervisors oversee every aspect of your project to ensure it meets our exacting standards.

Comprehensive Documentation: We provide extensive documentation to ensure your project is thoroughly recorded and compliant with

Regulatory Compliance: METS ensures all aspects of your project meet regulatory requirements