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Energy storage solutions

Energy Storage solutions for improved energy efficiency and safety – 

Starting with a feasibility study considering project costs, possible savings, pitfalls but also upsides, METS will carry out an complete installation of large Energy Storage systems onboard including modification of switchboards and automation and all peripheral systems required such as safety, cooling and surveillance.

METS Solutions for Energy Storage Solutions
Containerized ESS installations
ESS systems installed in the ships existing machinery spaces
ESS systems for charging stations
Energy containment for public electricity grids

What’s Included?
Power Electronics
Energy Storage (batteries)
Power Distribution
Control Systems and Monitoring (EMS)
Complete Documentation
Commissioning, Performance Tests, and Handover
Regulatory Compliance

Benefits with electrification
Contribute to a more sustainable operation
Meet national and global environmental requirements
Improved competitiveness with new technology
Future-proofing your fleet
Reduce operational costs
Increased reliability