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Vessel charging system

Complete charging systems for Battery powered ships –

Charging infrastructure is a vital component in the transition to electromobility for ships and often one of the greatest challenges an operator may encounter. Issues such as a lack of sufficient power from the shore-based grid and integration complications are common hurdles. METS is here to overcome these challenges with our comprehensive installations of both shore-based and onboard charging systems.

We design and supply customized battery charging solutions tailored to your fleet’s specific needs while ensuring compliance with the latest standards and regulations.

AC and DC charging
Fast charging
Autonomous solutions
Battery Energy Storage Systems as a back up to the grid

What’s Included?
Battery Chargers
Power Distribution
Control Systems and Monitoring (EMS)
Equipment Housing
Civil works
Complete Documentation
Commissioning, Performance Tests, and Handover
Regulatory Compliance
Optional Energy Storage (batteries)
Optional automatic connection and mooring
Optional Cable Management systems

Benefits with vessel charging systems from METS
Enabling essential charging infrastructure for electric ferries
Turnkey supply of equipment including civil works
Meet national and global environmental requirements
Improved competitiveness with new technology
Future-proofing your fleet
Reduce operational costs